Two drifters off to see the world…


  • Elevator
  • Hot water and heating
  • Free WiFi in common areas
  • Auto check in cashier 24h. (starting on March 2013)
  • Free private and individual lockers
  • Free soap and shampoo in the bathroom
  • TV at the salon
  • Free coffee and tea 24h.
  • Computer with internet connexion
  • Bike parking
  • Bike rental
  • Main credit card types accepted
  • Special products of Moon Hostel Bio
  • Morning and afternoon Front desk service
  • Luggage storage / Lockers
  • Towel and blanket service (free in Hotel mode)
  • Maps and tourist information service for our guests

You can enjoy our common areas with free Wi-Fi

Web & Relax Room -           

  • A place to relax, disconnect and rest to the rhythm of quiet music, chat about your daily experiences or navigate on Internet.

- Dining room - 

  • Here you have at your disposal 24h free coffee and tea, microwave, refrigerator and cutlery. You can also watch TV ot use the computer with free internet.

- Bio Garden - 

  • Our nature little place at the city, we all take care of our urban patch: thyme, mint, and lavender... our Bilbao Patio...  Do you want a Gin Tonic with thyme? Why not? Have you tasted it?

- Front desk - 


  • At the front desk, you can find maps, luggage storage, bike rental, bike parking and exceptional staff who will be pleased to assist you with all your doubts